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European Style Passage/Privacy  Lever Door Handle, Bedroom/Bathroom  Door Lock   10x 2"

Elegant Design Door Lock Handle


Mortise Brushed Nickel Keyed Entry/ Passage Door Lever, Interior Door Handle with Privacy Lock, Bed-Bath Lock, Left or Right Handing Door Handle, Door Handle


Style                                         Mortise

Lock Type                             1.Entry/Passage/ (Keyed)




Name:                                        Interior door lock

Exterior finish                          Brushed

Handle type                              Lever

Color                                         Nickel

Item dimensions: Lx Wx lever   10 ¼ x2 ¼ x 4 3/4 (26x5,2x120) cm

Center Distance                             1 ¾ 45 mm         

Size                                                      45mmx 85 mm

Brand                                                  China

Item weight                                      1.5 Pounds (1.250 kg)

Unit count                                         1 Piece

Number of Items                       

Suitable door thickness:             2 1/3-2 3/8” (35-45mm)

Main material:                                  Zink alloy           

Warranty Description           ‎        Limited Lifetime Warranty



Package  for Entry /Passage Door Included:

1 x Door Lock Cylinder

5 x Keys

4 x Screw

1 x Spindle

1 x Guardbolt

1x Dust Cover for Strike Plate

1 x Door Lock Cylinder


Package For Privacy/Bed-Bath Included:

1 x Door Lock Cylinder

4 x Screw

1x Spindle

1x Guardbolt

1x Dust Cover for Strike Plate

1x1 x Door Lock Cylinder


Mortise locks are one of the most secure forms of

residential hardware available today. What makes mortise

locks so much more secure than their cylinder counterparts?

A pocket cut into the short edge of the door, allows

a longer and thicker mortise box to slide into the door itself,

providing superior protection.

Passage/Privacy Lever Door Handle

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